Who’s Involved

Australia’s Right to Know (ARTK) is a coalition of leading Australian media outlets and organisations. We want the Australian public to be aware of the growing threat to their ability – and fundamental right – to know information that impacts their lives.

How and why we advocate for media freedom

This is the first time we’ve come together in this way for a public awareness campaign, but many of us have been working together for over a decade on behalf of the Australian public and entire media industry. For years, Federal Parliament has been passing laws that make it harder and harder for people to tell the truth about what the government is doing in your name. Since 2007, the ARTK coalition has been pushing the government to make those laws fairer, submitting evidence to committees and arguing against rules that help the government hide information from you. Even though our coalition is made up of competing businesses, we still team up to protect Australians’ right to know. We do this because media freedom is critical for holding powerful people accountable and ensuring you know about issues like aged care abuse, secret spying on Australian citizens and mysterious land deals with foreign owners.

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